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AOK Health Awards

AOK Health’s Latest Award

Hunter Export Award

AOK is proud to announce we are the winners of “Hunter and Central Coast Export Awards”

The Annual Hunter & Central Coast Export Awards recognise and celebrate the outstanding success of the Hunter’s & Central Coast’s exporters across a range of sectors.

The awards showcase innovative Hunter & Central Coast businesses. They reward and profile the “best of the best” businesses in taking their products to the world. There is recognition of the effort, expertise and resources that they have consistently contributed to export.

Other Awards AOK Health has Received

Hunter Export Award
Training Award
Business Performance Award
Recognition of Excellence Award

About AOK Health and its Awards

AOK Health Pty Ltd has long recognized that with Customer Expectations continually rising, the wider business community is becoming aware of the value and role that meeting and exceeding Customer Expectations plays in achieving business success.

Our ability to adapt quickly to changing Customer Expectations has been the critical success factor for AOK Health, and our involvement both national and international awards is an opportunity to be recognized and rewarded for service excellence, professionalism and outstanding achievement.

Being nominated for a range of Business Excellence Awards allows AOK Health to showcase its achievement in Customer Service, Product Development and Business Practice and illustrates the high standards of management, training and commitment to excellence within the organisation.

AOK Health will never sit on its laurels but always strive for improvement. For example Customer Service is an essential factor in maintaining AOK Health’s competitive edge in the marketplace and we are placing greater emphasis on developing a customer service culture and making it a strategic priority for all aspects of our business. You, the customer will be the final judge of our ability to consistently deliver high levels of service.

We must always find the balance between‘passion’ and ‘process’ in delivering beyond our Customers’ Expectations.