SRF Board – Rehab and Pilates

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Made in Canada

Allows over 100s of Variations to simple exercises such as the Lunge

S = Stabilization   R = Rotation   F = Function

The Ultimate Board for Dynamic Training Designed by a Physical & Pilates Therapist, this versatile trainer offers endless options for hip, groin and core development.


Unique weight bearing exercises for upper and lower body applications.

Rotational Discs:

Allow dynamic movement in a friction-free environment that decreases torque at the knee.

Functional Training:

For all levels of clients from professional athletes to hip replacement patients. This versatile product is useful for rehabilitation, fitness, cross-training and dance exercises.

SRF Board offers:

  • Unlimited configurations with 2 piece system. This allow unlimited variations to the base of support.
  • One fixed and one sliding rotational disc.
  • Lock-out pins allow (3 rotation options) free rotation, partial rotation (approx 7 degrees) and eliminate disc rotation for increased stability.
  • Resistance cord loops are fixed with each disc allows 2 levels of rotational resistance.
  • 4 High Lift adjustable bumpers to limit R.O.M.
  • Operates with resistance from 0 to 4 cords from either end.

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